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Best Motivational Video 2 This speaks volumes, to every one of us because at some point in our lives we have all felt beat up. But this will bring you up and out of that, watch it everyday, because YOU are powerful beyond measure! HOW GREAT ARE YOU!!
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11 Responses to inspirational videos : Inspirational video You can do this

  • I have a 10 second´╗┐ car (my subaru sti) it’s my baby ­čÖé

  • Is the “I can do this” audio´╗┐ at the end from a movie?

  • wowww´╗┐

  • My teacher showed´╗┐ us this when were.about take test

  • What if I could. I can, I can scratch´╗┐ my itchy anus……

  • um´╗┐ and women

  • The´╗┐ film is snatch if anyone wants to know!

  • Keep going.´╗┐

  • I lived in a plywood shack as a kid, had to make a fire to keep warm, boil water to take a shower, my mother blamed me for a lot of things that´╗┐ had happened to us. Kids at school made fun of me for being strange, family are drug addicts, these things beat me down everyday. After finishing school I joined the army, finished in the top third, got asked to join CSOR, got a house with plumbing, have friends who like me, I found out what I’m suppose to do. I’m gonna show you how great I am.

  • Why unfortunately ? Fortunately ITS more than that ..Way more !!´╗┐ wish you all the best in life..

  • my cat watched this, he’s´╗┐ building an ark now…

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