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inspirational videos : Messi – The Inspirational football video

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You don’t have to like football and you don’t even have to like Lionel Messi, just listen and be inspired. This is 6 minutes of your life that might just cha…
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18 Responses to inspirational videos : Messi – The Inspirational football video

  • People that keep saying they want to be the best only because they watch this video would never be the best. The best players are the ones that believe in themselve even when there is no inspiration from anyone or anything. But dont forget “Impossible is nothing, the word impossible is only found in the dictionary of poeople without dreams”

  • like this comment if watching before a soccer practice or game or camp <3 thank you messi for giving me strength

  • Thank u so much means so much! My dream is to b a Pro soccer Player I want it so bad im not going to quit or give up this video gave me the motivation to do that thx again

  • im getting chills watching this great video

  • I play soccer and everyone tells me I won’t make it cuz I’m a girl 🙁 but I’m still trying my hardest and today I’m on a pretty known soccer team in my city that’s big so guess what dreams can come true just try your hardest

  • this is great… :’)

  • u just saved my own life

  • I have an soccer/football motivational vid on my channel check it out. It will pump u up for sure, the speaker is so inspiring!

  • Name of piano song?

  • I’m 11 and I’m 5″1

  • in life there are two kinds of people, those who say ‘Be realistic’ and those who say ‘ Keep on dreaming’, both turn out succsesful, but one is more happy than the other, which one are you

  • Im a 13 yr. Old boy and a height of 4″7 . I want to be a football/soccer player. But my football player friend keep saying that i will not be a player because you are too small to join. The enemy are too tall that can easily beat you down just like a potato. But in this video i will try my best. I will not give up! This video strengthens me to play football. Thanks ! Gud luck to me.

  • you are living legend.

  • <3

  • wish you well man follow your dreams

  • Best Of Luck Man
    Hope Everything turns out good for 🙂
    BELIEVE !!!

  • This brought me into tears. So insirpiring

  • This vid was posted on my bday 😀

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