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inspirational videos : Why we run…

inspirational videos

Why we run...

This is a motivational video that I made from a lot of footage of inspiring races in history. I got the idea from a similar video:…
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Will Smith shares some of the wisdom he gained throughout his journey to success and explains the importance of extraordinary dreams. Go to http://www.MattMo…

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41 Responses to inspirational videos : Why we run…

  • WOW! You could add Michael Arnstein to this list in Ultra marathons!

  • 33ggyll

  • Dathan Ritzenheim, as a boy

  • Who is the guy running at the 1:08 point in the video? The words are blurry.

  • half*

  • The Solinsky clip gives me chills.

  • Song: Intro by the Xx

  • what song is playing in this video

  • female runners arent as fast

  • Did I not just say we are slower?? Someone has no other argument…

  • Where am I?

  • where are all the female runners at?

  • to respond to #3 just look up the male records to any event than compare them to the female records

  • @TheSecretIdentities did it happen?

  • amazing video and music

  • that quote isn’t romans 3:5 if your referring to the bible

  • @mryouisthebest Nope. That footage is from the 2011 West Virginia State Meet and it’s the 800m. The kid in red is Jacob Burcham, who was a sophomore at the time, and the kid who dove was Brandon Doughty, who now runs for Oklahoma. Burcham ran 1:54.01, Doughty 1:54.03.

  • Awesome job !

  • i run and i can run long and ever sence i watched this i belive i can do it and im only 12 almost 13

  • So.. I’m only 14 and I ran a marathon the other day which was my second one and I watched this just before starting and literally got 9th place out of 200 runners! I was so happy thanks so much for the video!

  • Stop dreaming about what your future will be like. Take the first step in a direction that could possibly change your life! I cannot do it for you, I can only show you the way out. Visit my channel or go here:

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  • His message is simple, stop giving up and live your dream. Someone people work and achieve a mediocre life. Other people work hard and achieve a decent life. And still there are other people who don’t stop, who dream of the stars and don’t give up until they touch them. ZackKarmuh you need a slap, I know exactly what you are, just like me. Sick and tired of our lives right, I’m just one step ahead because I’m so sick of this shit that I’m doing something about it instead of laying down to sleep.

  • What a load of bullshit, corporate?? What are you talking about. I assume you with your twisted logic think they are sellouts, “coroprate”, etc because they make a lot of money and work for big studios?? You are full of shit. You seem to really have something against him because he is popular and has expensive suits, make lots of money etc. Really fucking twisted! Judge people on their actions, not what they are. Literally the dumbest thing i read all month!!

  • Cognitive dissonance. Everything you said is basically a strawman argument in order to make yourself feel better. Saying that wise men don’t sit on stages is ridiculous…the Dalai Lama is pretty wise and he’s sat on many of stages and TV shows. I could go on and on about what you’ve said. It’s said that 8 other people are just as disillusioned as you.

  • This man is amazing. Honoris ad Fortis et Pertinax.

  • Simple. We are watching this video and he is making money. He is executing and we are watching him do it. All of these haters on successful people like Will need to make your own success video. Success is measure by results, not by opinion. He has results. Period.

  • Looking at the morons commenting on this video it is easy to see why 95% of people are broke. They just dont get it. Great video.

  • Does this remind anybody else of Tom Cruz and his Scientology rants?

  • Will smith is All FADED!!!

  • He says a whole lot to really say nothing at all.

  • sounds like sour grapes to me

  • Will Smith is a charismatic man who acts for a living. Would someone inform Will Smith of this fact and ask him to shut the fuck up. Thank you.

  • Another great comment.

  • When a child is first born its like a fresh computer hard drive, so when you say his children decided for themselves did they really or did society decide for them? I’m not blaming his children i’m blaming what we have created, this stupid attitude of the more money you have the more successful you are, its pathetic. Just look at the state of the world and if you can still tell me its ok for so few to have so much over the many then there’s something wrong with you.

    Money doesn’t = happiness.

  • Just because you make millions doesn’t mean you cant be humble. All of you are talking about how he’s a sell out and full of bs, he and Jada are very wise if you would just shut that voice in your head off and just listen to them. Movies are his job not his everyday life.

  • “I know who I am and what I believe, that’s all I need to know.” That has got to be the most narcissistic, narrow minded thought process I’ve ever heard.

  • well said

  • The conspiracy is multi-faceted. But, it boils down to the fact that humanity has accepted the lie which is that there is lack and limitation. If people would only shift their perception, it would create shockwaves through the matrix. Im not saying that will happen, as people are constantly fed lies to limit their perception and free will is limited – but im just saying, what Will says is all very true. The one thing we can control is attitude Not saying which side he’s on – impossible to say.

  • but in this case it resides within you. and you can only show it by being it.

    so, in the end, who do you wanne be, do you wanne talk about people who truly lived.

    or do you wanne be someone who truly lived.

    im out

  • but now you see.

    and you cannot unkow what you know.

    there logic is there, it fits perfectly. but no one seems to see it.

    it is like being in love,

    but when you come from a village where there are all man and these man have never seen a woman.

    than go back, and explain what love is. what is feels like.

    try to explain it to a 6 year old child who isnt conscious of his sexuality. he wont understand.

    neither will they, until you show a woman that is..

  • to find the truth within your self is of greatness. of the likes you all consist.

    but you don’t see it or feel it, that’s why it isn’t true.

    you are based on 5 senses, see i don’t blame you for being ignorant.
    instead i explain
    why you do what you do and try to break the esoteric language.

    but you wont see it, and that is why it isnt true. simple.

    but what if you, you become a loner again, with the world agaisnt you, because you used to be like them,

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