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inspiring quotes : Inspiring Quotes From The Qur’an And Sunnah…

inspiring quotes

Translations of the meanings of quotations from the Qur’aan, quotations from saheeh ahaadeeth appear in quotation marks (“”) And whenever you give your word,…
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– inspiring quotes

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An inspiring quote by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems, impossible until it is done.” For more inspiring quotes please check out my YouTube channel ­čÖé

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21 Responses to inspiring quotes : Inspiring Quotes From The Qur’an And Sunnah…

  • mashallah nice´╗┐ vid

  • sister, sorry´╗┐

  • Assalamu Alaykoum. I don’t think the nasheed contains music brother, these are the voices.´╗┐ Allahu Alem. if it really does, I will erase it insha’Allaah. JazakAllaah Khair

  • what´╗┐ is the name of the first nasheed????

  • Great Vid.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Can someone provide the name/reciter of the first nasheed??????? Its truly beautiful, mashAllah. JazakAllah!´╗┐

  • assalaamualaikum. manyyyy thanx´╗┐ jazaakallhukhairan

  • Mashallah this is an Amazing nasheed´╗┐
    Allah is Awesome!!

  • in 2:38 i think it is from al imron 173´╗┐

  • great work sister. but can i know the name of the´╗┐ first nasheed? pls.

  • the 2nd nasheed is

    Talib Al Habib Iman: Articles´╗┐ Of Faith


  • Can anyone tell me the 1st nasheed’s name. I want it played at my wedding.

  • Someone please post the nasheed names´╗┐ and the artists, please?

  • Please tell´╗┐ me who is the nasheed recitor!
    JazakAllah I love the video.

  • May Allah´╗┐ Have Peace On You This is Wonderful Congratulations…If U would like downloads Search For Arabic Nasheeds On Google You Should Find something..

  • Beautiful´╗┐ Nasheed Mashallahhhhhh!!!!!

  • Beautiful reminders. May Allah guide´╗┐ us all.

  • As a Christian married to a Muslim, I was happy to find some inspirational quotes to help him through a difficult time. Great video! Love the music..any idea where I can purchase it for download online?´╗┐

  • Really great.

    May Allah guide you to the road´╗┐ of happiness, and eternal happiness of Paradise.

    Inspiring video, and it made me feel good, and happy. Peace always.

  • Subhaan Allah. I beleive I have learnt MANY lessons from this inspiring clip of the the Qur’an and sunnah. Insha’Allah´╗┐ I Hope to put into practice Insha’Allah all that I remember.
    Jazakallah – I hope to see more

  • mashaAllah this is beautiful. thank you so much for the great word…inspiration..and much needed reminders.

    JazakAllah khair..exactlyyyy´╗┐ what i needed!! ­čÖé

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