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life quotes : Winds of Change, quotes (famous life quotes and sayings)

life quotes

ok here is HOW the videos are done step (1) start with a good mood step (2) grab your favorite music step (3) search for images relating to your audiobook, (…

– life quotes

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17 Responses to life quotes : Winds of Change, quotes (famous life quotes and sayings)

  • You’re welcome. Holmes had his debt to Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Mary Baker
    Eddy…Hopkins was a mystic, one of the early New Thought teachers. She was
    known as the teachers’ teacher.

  • power and weakness. those rules have nothing to do with me. where you see
    power I may see weakness. where you see victory I may see weakness. where
    you see shame, I may see honor. you will never understand it, do not even

  • @patr70 He disagreed with one message, which is his right. Or hers. And I’m
    betting its because that message said that God sends you hardships, and if
    you have anything good, it has nothing to do with you. So why not just sit
    there and wait for god to make bad things or good things happen, if none of
    it is up to us? I disagree with that one as well. It cancels out the other

  • you disagree …..why? you sound like tabloid news(Fox, CNN, ect.) where no
    matter how things are you always have to end up fighting with someone over
    something. LOL

  • life isnt about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. best

  • cool

  • So uplifting! How can I make one of these videos?

  • soo nice (:

  • v nice , thanx

  • ohhhh jeeeeeee hat jemand msn ??

  • @jkerr2504 Me too. Well said !

  • I know deep inside of all of us we can heal ourselves completely

  • very nice video. some great quotes. although i disagree with the message
    from the last one.

  • that’s interesting, thanks for the input

  • you got that right… great yes…

  • Many thanks…. very nice God Bless

  • @ChuckNorrisKratosLOL it is true that you must find yourself to create
    yourself, but the emphasis must be put on creating yourself, as many will
    become distracted from creating themselves by over thinking about who they
    truly are. Energy created by us in the form of thinking can be focused and
    associated with whatever we choose. We are truly in control. We create our
    own experiences and live by the memories. Sounds under control to me.

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