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Motivational Quotes : Best Motivational Quotes – The Best Silent Video forever

Motivational Quotes

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– Motivational Quotes

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14 Responses to Motivational Quotes : Best Motivational Quotes – The Best Silent Video forever

  • Great video and perfect for the hip-hop instrumental I was listening to (/watch?v=cpcPTSgnYcQ) but I, personally, found too many religious quotes in there. While they might inspire some, they won’t inspire all and for me it kinda, I don’t know, lost the rhythm of it.

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  • Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

  • its shit

  • That makes sense:)

  • Yes. I agree with you. Adding music will keep it pleasant. You can see many other quotes videos with pleasing music in this same channel. We kept this one video silent to keep the viewers attention on understanding the True meaning of the Quotes instead of easily getting diverted by the Music.

  • Great quotes, but the music addition will make it even more pleasant.

  • This video takes too long but it have enough time to read..

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  • watch?v=DeumyOzKqgI

    play it while watching this video

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  • You can see this motivational quotes in tamil here: Facebook/ManameVasappadu

  • every one was not born with the nature’s good grace of good qualities and the good fate and luck to have good inteligence , good wisdom , good qualities , and circuimstances not to commiting ever any mistakes or sins . the peoples , gods , devtas , souls , which were doing bad ,wrong things and cruelities were also victim of bad fate and bad qualities , bad wisdim ( बुदधि ) .

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