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inspirational movies : inspirational movies

inspirational movies

Fight for yourself using every drop of blood from your body. Muster every effort within you and fight: sure you will win.
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  • The journey of a monarch begins with the promise of life inside one small egg. Over its lifetime, a monarch will migrate thousands of miles to their destination in Mexico. Their arrival coincides with the Mexican festival known as The Day of The Dead. This documentary explores the issues of grief and how people from many walks of life have dealt with grief. Will you join the journey?
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  • zrbra

  • lol smart zebra drown him

  • I recommend this kind of film. Appreciate You tube because of this type of material!!!My buddy was previously bullied. He stated he was gonna grow muscle and strength. I didn’t believe him. Right up until in just a few weeks he added 40 pounds of absolute lean muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He does not get bullied these days. 🙂 I personally signed up the other day. See exactly what goes on. Not to mention this mans emails are fascinating!!!

  • Zebra = WIN, lioness = nil. 

  • Never say die till the last moment, we never know when we will get out lucky moment.. 

  • 240p is fucking awesome

  • @nicolasraage lmmfao

  • It looks like the lioness’s jaws are not where they are supposed to be to crush the zebra’s windpipe. She is more attached on the side, then underneath. Maybe that’s why the zebra still had enough energy to trample the lion before booking.

  • Zebra MMA. Full mount @ 2:08, side control @ 2:11

  • Pinche leona se la pelo

  • Or starvation

  • he did get lost from the herd.. and look what you typed “hoped the lion would be scared of the water” im not trying to argue with you but i came up with this theory that the zebra planned getting into the water…and planned to drown it.. Logic or common sense was used my a wild life creature that is all..

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  • Maybe he just got lost from the herd and hoped the lion would be scared of the water as most cats are. Or the zebra is simply not doing any thinking or planning at all. The last bit is most likely.

  • bullshit .. why did the zebra run to the water? he could have kept running.

  • fuck that he beat the croc and drowned a fish..

  • do you have valid evidence?

  • not simba pride but nala’s BItch

  • Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu!

  • Zebra was like ‘Here kitty kitty kitty’.

  • Lol bet the lioness be like ” shot almost got drowned by my dinner ” .. lucky zebra

  • i like it

  • all non-human animals work so hard for their meals. America alone slaughters 10 billion land animals a year.

  • the lioness tapes out 2.09 lol

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