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inspirational movies : The Robe 1953

inspirational movies

The Robe 1953

21 April : Spanish subtitle added… Filmul Camasa lui Hristos nu este bazat explicit pe Biblie, ci este un roman despre un lider Roman numit Marcelus. Roman…
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17 Responses to inspirational movies : The Robe 1953

  • Vă mulţumim!

  • hi

  • If you”re going to show the movie call “The Robe” you have to show ” Demetrius and the Gladiators also. That is the movie called The Robe.

  • The Robe is a special film to me; I watch it once every two years.

    It is a blend of the genius of Technicolor, a strong music score, great customs, and good casting. Plus great acting. The movies flows.

    For those who seek Jesus, you may enjoy my Indie Movie Musical; “Sisters Go Ye Trailer 2” on Youtube.

  • Me gustan mucho este tipo de películas antiguas.

  • His death was no fluke of chance but according to the predetermined council of God Christ died and rose in real space time history being witnessed by 500 competent witnesses who had nothing to gain by fabricating a lie about a supposed resurrection when the jewish and roman authorities could have produced a body and killed Christianity in its cradle. How could a lie produce such a lofty ethic a life transforming doctrine and give such peace and soundness of mind to unstable and troubled minds. I

  • The Robe and Demetrius are two classics I watch AT LEAST twice yearly!

  • “Love is like wine; To sip it hurts no one, to drink the whole bottle gives a headache.”

  • Great movie. Thanks for posting.

  • awesome movie!

  • The guy who played Calligula also did a good job

  • This was the first wide screen movie called Cinemascope.

  • What a beautiful movie. Praise God!

  • I love the character of Marcellus. He’s so world weary, cynical, and jaded. He’s a general who’s fought for a dystopic empire, and he has no morals left.
    It’s a wonderful depiction of how religion can redeem life’s meaning for people who despair when atheist

  • Tnkx for Sharing, i love these classic epics 🙂 Praise Jesus Christ †

  • Truly wonderful film, thank you for sharing.

  • Which Bible?

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