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inspirational music : Matisyahu – One Day (YouTube Version)

inspirational music

Music video by Matisyahu performing One Day. (C) 2009 Sony Music Entertainment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to inspirational music : Matisyahu – One Day (YouTube Version)

  • i like this

  • Seeing how everything Jews do, gets eventually to talks about religion, and stuff like, Israel gtfo and go move to a country, stop killing poor palestines, just disgust me.
    How come everything comes to religion chats where Israelis are the bad guys?
    If you realy want to know the truth about the nonstop war between the jews and the palestines, please go learn history, and dont come with responds such as Israelis are bad or w.e.
    this is a song about peace. we wont get it with such attitudes

  • ’cause he is

  • Dont be messed up dicks talkin shit

  • Hes good give him a chance

  • The songkok hahaha

  • how do you know the singer is jewish?

  • i dont see why people talk shit about him bit at least he has got some where in life unlike them so give the man respect

  • Just listen to the song. I’m sure you could overcome the petty problems causing you to lash out at everybody if you simply understood the words this man is speaking. This is to everyone who is fighting about religion, from some guy you will never meet. But listen to me anyways.

  • This Song Is Fantastic!

  • Thumbs up if you’re here cause of the video on facebook! (:

  • Hate is easy Love takes courage and integrity. We’re all here for a short time. Peace.

  • oh the irony of the comments, its like you guys didnt even listen to the song lol

  • Nobody can prove or disprove a religion. Since the creation of cuneiform, there have been 2000+ recorded religions. And everywhere you go, there will always be somebody saying “Of course (insert religion) is the one true religion.”

  • no es religion….es Dios!!!

  • Actually I was raised as a brainwashed catholic actually and at 16 i realized how all religion is a scam learn the truth i know everything about christianity and it is fake get over it kid

  • praying for…..finish the lyrics, it has nothng to do with judaism.

    religion is cancer.

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