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inspirational music : Transformers: The Score – Arrival To Earth

inspirational music

Transformers: The Complete Expanded Score (playlist): Transformers: The Score – Arrival To…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings

Desiderata – Max Ehrmann Another inspirational poem set to music ­čśë if you like this check out my other vids, feel free to comment. Go placidly amid the nois…

– inspirational music

39 Responses to inspirational music : Transformers: The Score – Arrival To Earth

  • my favorite parts: Optimus says ebay, Jazz break dancing, Iron Hide aiming at the´╗┐ dog, Optimus fights Megatron after they great each other like Liquid and Snake.

  • thumbs up if you´╗┐ love this song

  • ya, but i got to say, Michael bay really did make it bad when it was violent humor and´╗┐ girls and stuff… sometimes I never saw the transformers in the movie -.- but for some reason I like watching it. Just because it is about transformers

  • My god this brings back sweet memories ­čÖé 2007…. I´╗┐ miss you

  • I´╗┐ miss the year 2007. :/

  • You must be one of those guys who assume you have to like big explosion, hot chicks, and race cars to´╗┐ be called a “guy”

  • You´╗┐ ruined transformers asshole!!!

  • Did you ever listen to the´╗┐ song “Alkestis” by Apollon’s Quill? It sounds completely like “Arrival to Earth”!

  • Fantastic Music :)´╗┐

  • Just´╗┐ imagine it- the earth is at war with an alien race. People screaming looking for help. Armies being wiiped out. Then from the skies, the justice leage arrive. Batman in his batwing, superman breaking the soundbarrier, the flash in the batwing too, the rest flying towards earth…..

  • Who´╗┐ else thought the first transformers movie was great

  • epic´╗┐

  • I have a 6min Epic Transformers Suite Covered´╗┐ in rock with Orchestra on my channel !
    Best moments form the soundtrack !

  • but i thought steven spielberg made the first one´╗┐

  • Best ost!!!

  • EPIC!!!´╗┐

  • 50 ­čśÇ to je stoho nejlep┼í├ş´╗┐

  • I´╗┐ agree with the Nazi

  • The Soundtrack´╗┐ of Life

  • I´╗┐ want this played at my funeral

  • You´╗┐ are right , dude.

  • yeah, ditch´╗┐ the text

  • I have always thought Desiderata was an excellent vade mecum. Ignore the failed Nazi who disses it above. Any egomaniac who identifies himself as sympathetic to mass murderers and child killers doesn’t´╗┐ have an opinion we need here.

  • Beautiful´╗┐

  • Tiesto’s version pales in comparison to the original. Not dissing tiesto, or anything. He’s incredibly skilled, in my opinion. I’m just saying that this is one´╗┐ of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard my entire life. How can you top this?

  • tiesto´╗┐

  • That’s coming from someone who judges me and what I need´╗┐ because of a username.

  • With a tag like Werhmacht900 it’s possible you might just´╗┐ need them.

  • angels´╗┐

  • i have this song as a favourite but that text actually enrages me. the person who wrote it strikes me as such a life-y
    if anyone knows what´╗┐ i mean

  • lol´╗┐

  • Yes, everybody has to. But I doubt you’ll´╗┐ be at my funeral.

  • “365´╗┐ and a wake-up oh lawd, y’all gonna luv tha ‘Nam, for fuckin’ ever”

  • sentir´╗┐

  • “Exercise caution in your business affairs, for´╗┐ the world is full of trickery. ”
    Tell me, is this what really comes to your mind when you listen to this?

  • Tony Geeves: What “loss and hopelessness” like 1939-1945? ´╗┐ This is the most woderful combination of words and music ever.

  • Did a Nazi just get a top comment?´╗┐

  • not sure if the wonderful words and pictures hold up to the Barber or reality. on this Easter morning i must revert to the holy´╗┐ scripture to find time tested truth. again this was a great vid. The words, the music and pics. It makes me cry each time I view and listen..

  • Reminds me of my grandma´╗┐ …

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