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inspirational quotes : Inspirational/Love Quotes

inspirational quotes

Inspirational/Love Quotes

Quotes i found, hope u like them too.
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10 Chosen Inspirational Quotes By Famous People

I have chosen 10 best inspirational quotes by famous people. Be a fan in facebook: Best Of Inspiration
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  • check out my channel for new quote videos =)

  • heres a quote of my own: love isnt something you get but something you give

  • tattoo lovers loving

  • @vanicel1 i wrote that one on my arm =D

  • What is LOVE? LOVE is a deep affection or attachment for  another person. We seek such a LOVE as this, the question is: Have we really found this LOVE? If you seek such a LOVE as this, you will only find it in the ONE who created such passion HIS NAME is JESUS. He is the TRUTH WAY & LIFE. His LOVE is TRUTHFUL, His LOVE makes the WAY, and his LOVE brings LIFE to our hearts and spirit.

    Come to This LOVE in this monent, His arms are open and ready to embrace you.

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