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inspirational songs : Hey St Jude

inspirational songs Want to make it better? Share this video or text JUDE to 50333 to donate .00 to the kids of St Jude. Msg & data rates may apply.
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  • Love st.jude my grind was

  • Im crying because this touched my heart

  • Totally got me teared up here! Fantastic work to everyone who participated!!! <3

  • 1:20

  • Im alive because of Stjude ,they treated me for AML and im still alive at 35.Also have alot of friends that are alive because of that hospital,so if anyone thinks StJude is a ripoff then all i can say is they need too go get a life ,Im alive because they took me in and saved my life.

  • Mm

  • As I am living , I can tell you this . St. Jude is the furthest thing away from being a scam . a lot of us would not be alive today if it wasent for St. Jude . It is as real as real can be . Don’t knock St. Jude if you don’t have the slightest clue

  • I could not have said it beter myself .

  • aww

  • WHoa this ad always get me, but the problem is that they say “everywhere” and its only in the USA… Im in love with Jennifer Aniston

  • Please check out the song “put yourself in their shoes” by Michael garland.

  • Do you know the words can you sing all the notes do you see the hedge hog rollin up to you

  • <3

  • 2:56 red paint on her hands the most amazing person you will ever meet

  • I figured that. I was agreeing with you on the preposterousness of it all. By the way, I did the guitars and bass on this rerecord of the Beatles classic.

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