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inspirational speeches : The Ultimate Graduation Speech – from co-founder – Mitch Thrower

inspirational speeches

An inspirational and entertaining graduation speech from Mitch Thrower, co-founder of and Active Europe and former Chairman of Triathlete Magazine…
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17 Responses to inspirational speeches : The Ultimate Graduation Speech – from co-founder – Mitch Thrower

  • Very good, Mitch, really – very, very good. From a heart. I loved the part about routs and wings, and the part with applause for the parents… It touched my´╗┐ heart too. Thank you. :* ­čÖé

  • Would like to have seen´╗┐ the ovations after!

  • Yesterday i gave my 8th grade speech and it was hilarious. Yesterday i proved that a shy girl like me can give an hilarious´╗┐ enlightening speech everybody was SHOCKED AND I FELT BOSS. HALF of this reason was bcuz of this guy he is my inspiration so THANK U THROWER i made a youtube account just to thank him and leave a comment here. I HOPE U READ THIS!!!!!!!!

  • suchan amazing´╗┐ speech

  • He´╗┐ reminds me of Ferris Bueller..

  • Today I will re-address my life, Thanks for this oportunity! what a great welcome!´╗┐

  • im graduating tomorrow´╗┐ yay

  • yesterday was my middle school graduation, and after i watched this i had tears because i realized that i couldnt relive all those good memories :'( i love u Class of 2011 and i will never forget the memories´╗┐ i had.

  • haha WOW , Im all the way in south africa´╗┐ , and still i felt proud for these students graduating . he’s GOOD !

  • If Zeus , God , Chuck Norris , and Morgan Freeman adopted a kid from Ghandi …..´╗┐ this would that kid

  • awesome´╗┐

  • I wish Bill Belichick would have gone to my university to give my speech, but I’ll take this guy´╗┐ too.

  • One of´╗┐ chucks many sons

  • He must have a great´╗┐ life!

  • I think alot of us can easily agree with:

    “Mitch for´╗┐ president”!

  • this guys better than BRAVEHEART!´╗┐

  • She forgot to mention that time he shotgunned 6 beers while riding a unicycle across a´╗┐ tightrope over a shark tank while juggling flamming bowling pins.

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