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inspirational speeches : World’s Most Powerful Speech

inspirational speeches – I came across this video of a speech that Martin Sheen delivered on ‘WE DAY’ and thought the message was so powerful that it …

– inspirational speeches

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12 Responses to inspirational speeches : World’s Most Powerful Speech

  • 6:00-8:35

  • hlaf the people there umm what did he just say i dont unserstand them big wrods
    im sorry but its true

  • I wonder how many of those teens have watched Apocalypse Now.. 

  • The Illusive Man…..

  • Sorry, no F words allowed on this page. There’s enough pollution on you tube already, not interested in contributing. Surely you can express yourselves without. Try harder. Muchos gracias.

  • amazing conclusion with “Where The Mind Is Without Fear ” by Rabindranath Tagore poem

  • wow

  • Am I understanding you correctly? There is no substance in this speech because it does not mention Jesus?
    I’m sorry, but did you even listen to what he said when he was talking about something along the lines of “differences that fragment the world”? Because I don’t think you got that part.

  • absolutely wrong its capitalists who come hat in hand to us socialists
    capitalists need socialists
    socialist dont need capitalists
    right now 70 billion a month in qe infinity

  • Respectful thoughts but most socialist/communist flags are draped over a sturdy capitalist

  • dignity for all or dignity for none natues law
    when you devalue any human being you become valueless

    this makes me smile

  • It’s just about love and showing more care towards people in need, I don’t know why you find that so disturbing. I think we need more of that in the world these days, everyone knows he’s a man of peace. I just found it inspiring..

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