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inspirational videos : NHL – ‘Our Way Of Life’ HD (Inspirational)

inspirational videos

NHL - 'Our Way Of Life' HD (Inspirational)

NHL – Our Way Of Life – Janne Makkonen: For more, follow on twitter!!/JanneMakkonen1 Made this a couple months ago. Some teams might no…

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17 Responses to inspirational videos : NHL – ‘Our Way Of Life’ HD (Inspirational)

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  • Pakko mainita. NHL video ja joku mikki granlund siellä?!

  • Maybe it’s just because I’m a teen (hormones and crap) but for some reason when the clip of Yzerman getting the game winning goal came up, I cried. Like, full blown sobbing. God I feel like a pussy but this video was AMAZING!!

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  • That is inspiring dude, but the thing with being a true hockey player is wherever you go it will find its way back into your life… It is a part of our blood and it is our whole life, we live and breath hockey. Everything about it, the thrill, the glory, the passion, the way it makes you feel to just step on the ice or when you make a great play and you feel alive. Teammates in hockey our family you may fight and you may fall a part off the ice but on the ice you come back together. Gottaluvit


  • Chills man …

  • I cried

  • *world not work

  • Finally found the video that best fits hockey. It’s not just a game, or a sport, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way we express ourselves and I get more emotional about hockey than any other thing in the work. I got the chills several times during this video. Great job

  • Hockey is the only sport that makes me emotional. I love it.

  • 3:22 I died from the chills that was amazing

  • To much Canuck not enough cup.

  • These videos are great but man do they show the canucks way too much

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  • u could do like roller hockey its alot cheaper than ice

  • 2:03 … literally me the entire Avs season this year 2012-2013.

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